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The Best There Is : Ideal Laptops and PCs for Senior High School Students

Now seems like a pretty good time to ask a senior high school student the question: Should you buy a laptop or a desktop PC? In the past, desktop PCs were mostly used by students to do their school work, especially those who couldn’t afford to buy their own. Before the pandemic, countless students went to internet shops and spent their money to research print, and edit pictures, and videos. They were accustomed to it, and the thought of purchasing their PC or laptop did not occur to them because it would be prohibitively expensive. That was before the pandemic; now that most of the classes are done online, many students are asking, "Should I buy a laptop or build a PC?"

We all know that a desktop computer stays at home or in the office and must be connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, but a laptop has all these components built in and can be transferred simply as a single, functional unit that can be used in most settings. The best answer to the previous question might be buying a laptop since laptops nowadays are so much better than they used to be. It will be very convenient for senior high school students to do their school work anytime, anywhere. 

Wizmaster has been providing laptops and computers to their valued customers for years now, from budget-friendly to high-spec gaming laptops and computers.

With the various brands they have such as Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Thunderobot here are some budget-friendly laptops Wizmaster offers that are fit for high school students. 

    1. Brand: Acer
        Extensa 15 -EX215-52-56H5
        Processor: Intel Core i5-1035GI
        Memory: 8GB DDR4
        Storage: 512GB PCI-E NVME SSD
        LCD: 15.6 LED LCD FHD ACER
        Battery: 36WH LI-ION
        OS: Windows 11 HOME SL

     2. Brand: HP
          Processor: Intel Core i3-1115G4
          Memory: 4G DDR4 SODIMM DDR4
          Storage: 512GB SSD
          LCD: 14.0 LED Display
          Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics
          OS: Windows 11

     3. Brand: Dell
         INSPIRON 3511
         Processor: Intel Core i3- 1115G4 
         Memory: 4G DDR4
         Storage: 256GB SSD
         LCD: 15.6 Display
         Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics
         Battery: 31WH 3 Cell
         OS: Windows 10

      4. Brand: Lenovo
          IdeaPad 3 14IGL05
          Processor: INTEL N4020 1.1GHz
          Memory: 4GB Memory
          Storage: 256GB SSD
          Graphics: Integrated
          Display: 14.0 HD TN
          Battery: 2CELL
          OS: Windows11 HOME SL

      5. Thunderobot
          Processor: Intel Core i5-1020OU
          Memory: 8GB DDR4 Memory
          Storage: 512GB SSD
          LCD: 15.6 LED Display
          Graphics: INTEL UHD Graphics
          OS: Windows 10 SL

All of these laptops are capable of helping high school students do all of their activities and the best part is it only range from price of twenty to forty thousand pesos each. Beyond that, one laptop is suggested to be the best choice for students. It is lightweight and has a Ryzen 3 3250 processor and AMD Radeon Integrated graphics card. The HP 14S-DK1505AU Natural Silver Laptop is the perfect fit for students who have a low budget yet still seek a handy and fast laptop. With its price, 14-inch display, 4GB memory, and 2.2kg weight, this laptop is undeniably fit for a senior high school student. 

If a student happens to choose a desktop computer instead of a laptop, then Wizmaster also gets it covered. Building a budget-friendly computer is also a good choice because it can also do all the things a student needs in order to accomplish all his/her school assignments and play his/her favorite game online/offline at the same time. Indeed there are more things you can do using a PC than a laptop. 


Photo from: The Build by Wizmaster

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