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Overcoming the Odds: How One Student Succeeded Despite Pandemic Challenges

The world has turned upside down since the Covid-19 outbreak. Everyone was forced to shift from normalcy to desolation. From brick-and-mortar physical stores to online delivery and from physical interactions into a new normal online society. These factors have brought havoc to everyone leaving the establishments with no choice but to temporarily close their physical store to prevent the spread of the virus.

Students were moved to an online class setup mode of learning and were having a hard time adjusting to the new environment. Although the classes were in the comfort of their homes and were somehow convenient for students, others, unfortunately, are struggling to adjust, especially those who don’t have the necessary gadgets needed for online classes.

Mr. Ernan Cantero, a BSBA Marketing Student from Mindanao State University, Iligan Institute of Technology was one of the many students who have been through an online class set up during the first two years of the pandemic. Incorporating modular and answerable sheets prepared by teachers for those in lower years helps mitigate the burden of parents purchasing a device that will be used online by their children. However, that is not the case for the higher years. Indeed, there is a comprehensible necessity for laptops to them.

Mr. Cantero had faced difficulties attending his everyday online classes. He also was having a hard time using his old laptop. He had already known that by sticking with his old laptop, he cannot continue to go on attending online classes knowing that it cannot cater to his needs as a student adequately. Aside from his previous device showing weak performance, it doesn’t have the necessary applications an online student must have like Microsoft Word and even Excel because it has very low storage that is not suitable for software updates.

He had these considerations at the back of his mind. Forcing him to use his old device for the entire online class academic year would not be a good thing. It can only cause inconvenience and can affect his studies. With that, he was more than willing to purchase his new laptop.

But then purchasing a good laptop that suits students is not as easy as it could be. Mr. Cantero was also having a hard time making decisions in purchasing one. What’s the good thing is that he already knew Wizmaster Corporation, and was able to physically see the right one he was looking for.  The only thing that he finds difficult upon purchasing is the best laptop with a good processor that will not slack and delay which would then lead to any further destruction during his online sessions, which he already experienced with his previous device. A laptop with an i5 processor or higher should be purchased, considering that he is a student looking for an affordable and budget-friendly laptop.

He then finally purchased his HP laptop 15s-eq2xxx. A laptop that appears to be the best value for his money. As he said, his HP Laptop was worth the price value because of its specs that had reached his expectations.  It can cater to his schoolwork efficiently and in terms of him attending and listening to his online classes, the laptop does come with a stereo speaker that handles simple audio playback. He also can go wireless, since his device supports wireless connectivity like Bluetooth.


“There is no regret in purchasing one, the specs are worth the price”, Mr. Cantero said. Buying his new device has been one of the reasons why he finishes his online studies for the past two years successfully. Many devices out there are budget-friendly but with good performance, and is it an investment in something that can last for a long time.

As we are now living in a technologically advanced era, devices like laptops and smartphones have also become essentials in our day-to-day lives. For students, especially those who are in college, laptops are a must-have. Imagine the struggle of every student that they would have faced if their devices had a slow performance, it can surely affect their whole performances in their classes.