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Endangered PC: Habits to Avoid that are Damaging your Personal Computer

Our computers are a valuable electronic investment that needs to be well taken care of. We all want our computers and devices to last a lifetime. But, if your laptop tends to break down earlier than you feel it should, there’s a chance you’re helping it to run down all along, especially due to some bad habits.

According to Whitson Gordon (2021), here are some behaviors to avoid:

Never restarting

If you feel like your machine is a bit sluggish and not running as fast as you would like, don’t forget about shutting it down and restarting it properly every once in a while. Just like humans, computers need to shut down and recharge sometimes to keep running smoothly.

Mismanaging Your Battery

Don't regularly run your computer battery down to 0% before you recharge in order to prevent damage to your computer battery over time. Shallow discharges and regular recharges work better for your machine than completely draining it.

Using the same password or weak passwords.

By using the same password or weak passwords, you make yourself a target for hackers. You may create and maintain your passwords with a password management tool like LastPass. 

Keeping apps, plugins, and programs you don’t use

Delete any software you don't use if it's installed on your computer. Most likely, that unused program is not regularly patched and updated. This gives hackers an opportunity and adds to the clutter on your system.

Using public Wifi

When working in cafes, restaurants, airports, and other public places, always choose the safer route of caution. Use a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure that your data is secured and difficult for hackers to access. 

Leaving Your Laptop on a Plush Surface (and Other Overheating Problems) 

Laptops are usually built with air vents under or on its side. If you block it by using a computer on your lap or another soft surface it can obstruct airflow that may cause overheating and may shorten the hardware's lifespan.

Failing to install updates

If you don't install OS updates regularly, you could miss out on important security patches. Bugs, contrary to security vulnerabilities, don't always open a path for hackers to penetrate a system, however, they may hinder overall usage. Also, your operating system may suffer a major data breach and/or malware infection due to a hacker exploiting an OS vulnerability. 

Handling Your Laptop Carelessly

These days, working lunches are pretty standard, so it's likely that you'll spend some time eating and drinking next to your computer. Your keyboard is a major source of bacteria, filth, and dust, in addition to the potential for spilling something like soda or coffee on your computer and having to pay for an expensive repair. Be careful with food and drink near your computer, and be sure to frequently clean your keyboard!




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